Resources for Districts and Charter Management Organizations

The guides and toolkits described below were created by and for school districts and charter management organizations with support from The Broad Foundation to help with some of the most pressing and complicated issues facing school systems.

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This guide will help charter management organizations (CMOs) and school districts--and their human resources staff and line managers in particular--that are looking to develop a systematic approach to evaluating and promoting employees. The guide describes a two-step process that begins with writing out detailed descriptions for each role and what it takes to excel in it, and ends with the design of a performance evaluation “cycle” (setting goals jointly, evaluating progress against those goals, then making decisions and recommendations based on that progress). 
Employee Evaluation Guide (PDF) 


This survey guide and question bank are resources for school- and district-level administrators who want to create stakeholder surveys to measure progress, identify areas of concern, or collect general feedback regarding their school(s). The question bank is an Excel-based spreadsheet containing thousands of survey questions used by charter and traditional schools around the country. Administrators can filter the thousands of questions in this bank by: survey topic, grade level, stakeholder surveyed and survey origin to view sample questions relevant to the survey they are trying to generate.

School Satisfaction Surveys (PDF) 
School Satisfaction Survey Question Bank (XLS) 


This bank of example scorecard/dashboard metrics is for school districts and CMOs that are ready to create school-level dashboards and scorecards as tools for performance management. The metric bank itself is an Excel-based spreadsheet containing about 1,000 metrics collected from numerous district and CMO dashboards and scorecards from around the country; the accompanying Word document contains tips for creating dashboards and detailed instructions for how to use the bank.

Intro to Metric Bank (PDF) 
School Level Metric Bank (XLS) 


This guide will help school system leaders expand their Advanced Placement (AP) program to include many more students, particularly low income and minority youth. It draws on the experiences of 10 urban school districts as well as a number of non-profit organizations and includes:


  • An explanation of the link between AP success and college readiness.
  • A step-by-step process outlining various strategies district leaders can use to expand AP access to larger numbers of low-income and minority students across the district.
  • Expected resources and timeline required to implement an AP expansion program.
  • Tools for building an AP support infrastructure in schools and central office.
  • Suggestions for engaging parents, teachers, and your community in the expansion effort.
  • Tools for identifying new prospective AP students and preparing them early for the rigors of AP coursework.
  • Examples of incentives that can be used to encourage students and teachers to participate in the expansion effort.
  • Suggestions for funding sources that can be used to fuel AP expansion.

Expanding AP Access (PDF) 


This guide will help charter school authorizers and school districts develop effective tools or rubrics to assess charter school applications. Specifically, the guide includes:


  • Basic steps for designing rubrics to evaluate charter applications
  • Examples of best practices in creating rubrics
  • Important lessons learned by authorizers around the country

Evaluating Charter Applications (PDF) 
Appendices A-E (ZIP) 


This checklist of key tasks required to launch a new school was developed by Bain & Company for Rowe Elementary school in Chicago. Included in the toolkit are: